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A Hockey Tour of Barbados is unlike any other holiday. 
Enjoy the sun-drenched climate and exotic beauty of this enchanting Caribbean island and its charming people, whilst having a competitive game of your favourite sport against friendly opposition. 
Seven fun filled days of exciting hockey, boat rides, beach picnics and calypso parties all laced with Barbadian hospitality, rum and Banks beer, of course.
One of the largest hockey events in the hemisphere and certainly one of the most cosmopolitan and exciting events in the entire world of hockey. 

A typical 'Banks Festival' will have 60 men's, ladies, mixed and veterans teams drawn from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Holland, U.S.A, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad, Netherland Antilles and Barbados. 

The Festival is a week long explosion of Caribbean warmth, music and culture combined with excellent hockey played at historic pitches. It has to be experienced to be believed.  Enter Now!

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Sponsors: Fairholme Hotel & Apts 
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